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Come on, get dirty ha!

 Wait a minute, wait a minute, sorry for interrupting but...
you can forgive us for bringing you your daily dose of Ailee.

It has been some time since Ailee started promoting Dollhouse and U&I
Eliza put the information in a draft a while ago and I just decided to make the pictures and post today.

First up, Ailee's necklace...It is by Monday Edition, the ME Star Falls Necklace. Her ring is also by Monday Edition, the ME 'my name' charm ring.

The last item is this cap from Bratson, the Thunders and Breakers 5panel snapback.

If you haven't seen Ailee's U&I performances, I advise you to go see them.

Img Cr: ymc ent, bratson, monday edition

Maria :D
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