Admin Post: Comments, Requests, and Love for Our Readers

Hi lovelies, there are some things the staff wants to get off our chest.
So we originally had a full section on our opinions of comments. We totally get that you don't want to read that, so here's a summary:
  • we love getting comments
  • we wish more people would comment when we ask a question
  • we want to become a community of people interested in kpop fashion, which means there has to be some back and forth conversation
  • we feel like for some posts we put so much effort in, and then no one comments... for these, it seems no one wants that kind of post, so we won't post on that topic in the future
  • we want to know our readers more
  • SO... please comment!
If you want each writers' opinions, let us know.

EDIT: Since no one replied on the weekly round-ups saying they are useful...they are discontinued.

Requests: changes, lack of appreciation, other stuff:

Our requesting system is seriously not working. Here are some rules/ changes that we're implementing.

1) We do not take requests that randomly pop up in a post.

  • "can you find where the shoes are from"(no)
  • "what else is she wearing" (no)
  • on a 4minute article - "what was f(x) wearing yesterday?" (?)

  • That means, don't comment on a post with a request, put it in the request area and follow the proper requesting guidelines (no videos, only two items at a time, etc.)!

    2) We just want to remind you that we aren't obligated to find your requests. Requests take up a lot of time, and it's just as disappointing for us to not find them as it is for you. Please don't badger us about your request. We promise, we see them, but requests are done in our time, and sometimes, we just can't find an item.

    3) We do not like being under-appreciated. If we fulfilled your request, we spent our time on it to help you. It would be very nice to have some sort of thank you (and tons of people already do this). Make a comment on the request post, shoot us an email, share the post with some friends. We love to help, but it sucks feeling like no one sticks around to actually see their request fulfilled.

    4) For passerbys who take advantage of our system...we don't like you. Being anonymous mixes these people up with those who actually read our stuff (whom we want to help!). That's why we are no longer emailing anyone. We post requests, whether you see it or not is not our responsibility.

    A new thing for Maria is that if you are anonymous, I have no intention to help you.
    Being anonymous also has the lowest priority since we are more keen to help those who we recognize.


    Guys please note that we spend hours on this blog and we are not paid for what we do...our 'earnings' are your support. Also, if you can't ask nicely, it makes us sad, and we don't feel like helping someone who's mean to us.


    Copycats, sites that take info without crediting:
    Every time you copy...
    Every time what should happen to you...

    --The K-world Style Team

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