You're My Destiny (2)

INFINITE has finally released their much-anticipated "Destiny" music video. The boys went for a dark concept, with many of the colors being metallic or black.
So this post is focusing on two brands that embody this mysterious, aggressive style: Givenchy and KTZ.

Leader Sunggyu wore a Madonna Print t-shirt by Givenchy. Here's a buylink, but it's not for sale yet.
His blazer is also from Givenchy, and you can get it here.

Sunggyu's cool pants are from KTZ. They are made to order, and you can get them here.

Dancing machine, Hoya, wore a top from Givenchy. His is available, but it's sold out. 
Here's the link if you want to wait for it to come back it stock; it's $540.

His man-skirt-thing was from KTZ. Get it here.

I really like this concept. It suits infinite really well, and black clothing is always cool.
What do you think?


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