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You are my Vitamin

On July 3, SISTAR's Soyu and Bora were invited at KBS's Vitamin
I didn't watched the show.... is it like Doctor OZ? :))

Bora wore the Garden Flare Pants Dress from Dolly&Molly
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Soyu wore the Floral Sleeveless shirt next line points from Coiincos
I LOVE this t-shirt...I want oneeeee :(( ...why are you so far Korea ...hehe
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I saw this t-shirt before Bora wore it and thought to myself 'I would totally see a K-pop idol wear this' and....I was right ...yey
During the show a video with Bora without makeup was shown and no surprise there.....she is still pretty
She wore the LD5TS205 t-shirt from LeShop.
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Credits:Starship entertainment,Leshop,Coiincos,Dolly&Molly,KBS
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