Why I Don't Dress like Kpop Stars

I'm comfy in my warm flannel ^.^
Hello Kstylists, on our last poll, it seems like a bunch of people (like 70% of you) wanted to know about our personal style. So here's mine.

I osculate between relaxed, rustic rebel and structured, button downs and blazers, city chic. I know, a bit odd consider I blog about Kpop style, but I guess at heart I'm a bit more alternative than hip-hop/pop. 

Why don't I dress how Kpop stars dress? 

1) First off all, finances. It's no secret that Korean celebrities, or, more often, their stylists, spend big bucks on designer frocks. While I could find knock offs --and I have bought some in the past-- the quality would suffer.

4minute loves bright colors
2) I prefer comfy-cozy or sophisticated-sexy. What I find attractive is slightly different than the majority of Kpop. I like two polar ends of fashion: the I-just-want-to-be-comfortable look or the I-am-classy-and-hot-and-can't-be-stopped look. Both of these don't find their ways into Kpop music videos very often. Idols tend to be dressed in ridiculously layered, bright pieces that either accentuate their aegyo or their sex-appeal. And with good reason...their fashion is a HUGE part of retaining a loyal fanbase and attracting new fans to not only their music, but their image. However, the majority of the time when I wake up in the morning, I am not looking to impress a crowd of adoring fans. And just from personal preference, I gravitate toward a cooler, darker, more muted color palette. As far as showing skin? I'm not against it, but I generally wear long pants or sweaters, so it's not something that happens often. 

2NE1 Adidas Style
3) My style is not hip-hop. I have no reason to wear sports jerseys, track suits, or snapbacks. I do own caps, jerseys, and high-tops, but I don't wear them often. I don't like dealing with a lot of colors or accessories; it's just not my personality. I like simple things, and hip-hop fashion is generally a little more detailed. I'm also quite, well, pale, and I think that I don't seem like the kind of person who could pull off leggings and an oversized Adidas' jacket. And because of what I've determined to be the boundaries of what I can wear, my style has developed within that box. As a result, I favor leather over mesh. Button downs over halter tops. Jeans over leggings. 

I guess, in a way, I've let my pre-conceived notions of who I am determine what I wear. I love heels, but I don't wear them often, no matter how many I own. Dresses are cute, but I always think I'm not the kind of girl who could pull them off. Don't be like me! Experiment, experiment, experiment. If you find you like something, keep it. If you find you don't like something, well, at least you learned a little bit more about your own style. And style is a very important part of who we are as people.

I definitely appreciate Kpop Fashion, and would love to try it out (Hello, Jeremy Scott!) at some point in my life, but I think now I'll stick to flannels and denim. 

What's your style like? Either tell us in the comments below, or send us a picture here. I'm really hoping I get to see some of what you guys like to wear!!


Im cr. High heels and hanboks, YG
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