Who Wore it Better? Round-up 4

Here is the 'who wore it better?' post that I promised you guys for so long.

Firstly, a battle between f(x)'s Krystal and SHINee's Key.
They both wore this extra large hat from PushButton's FW 2013 collection. (check the post here)
Because of the different lightning the colors of the hat seem a little bit different.

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So....who wore it better?

Krystal or Key?

The second 'who wore it better' battle is between Brown Eyed Girls's Miryo (click here)  and 4minute's Sohyun (click here).
They both wore this top from Steve J and Yoni P's FW 2013 collection.

Who wore it better?

Miryo or Sohyun?

Now for the last 'who wore it better' battle we have Girl's Day's Sojin (check post here) versus 4minute's Gayoon.
They both wear the 13 Resort unbalance zipper op-lettering from Low Classic.

Who wore it better?

Sojin or Gayoon?

I still have some 'who wore it betters' left....should I make a new post?

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