Running Man Style: 2NE1

The girls of 2NE1 came back on the variety scene in the week's  Running Man, Episode 156,. In their introduction, they sported a very popular brand. I'm sure you can guess it: It's ...*drum roll*... Adidas .

#1 Minzy:
jacket: Adidas Original x Jeremy Scott Eagle Totem Tracksuit Top
top: Adidas Enjoi T-shirt
shoes: Jeremy Scott Eagle Shoes // no active buylink, but here's one that may come back in stock.

#2 CL:
dress: Jeremy Scott Jersey // no buylink
jacket: Totem crop jacket SS 2013 // no buylink, but get the track jacket here

# 3 Bom:
earrings: Melody Ensani x Jeremy Scott M16 Earrings
pants: Adidas Original x Jeremy Scott jagged leopard print fleece trousers
shoes: Adidas ObyO Jeremy Scott JS Letters sneakers

#4 Dara:
jacket: Jeremy Scott Plaid Ruffled Jacket 
pants: Jeremy Scott Plaid Bondage Trouser  // alt. buylink
shoes: Adidas x Jeremy Scott Wings // The only buylink for the light rainbow I found are size ten.
   // try the darker rainbow

Which outfit is your favorite?


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