Rum pum pum pum (5)

Green cowboys welcome you.
So this is the fourth instalment of our coverage of f(x)'s Rum Pum Pum Pum. This one will feature Krystal and Amber during their 360 camera x platform thing.

This ensemble is by the brand Hi! Expectation. There name for this is 'Cowboys and Indians.' The blazer is here (145$) and the shorts (75$) are here for purchase.

Wooh, look at all that Dissborn. Their stylists must've took advantage of the 50% off sale at Faketokyo. So from the top Amber wears...
Tiger x Check Cap (47$)
Black T-shirt (66$)
Indigo x Check Shorts (11$)
Check x Black Socks (12$)

Haha the socks costs more than the shorts.

Img Cr: faketokyo, darlingyou, sme

Maria :D

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