Rum pum pum pum (4)

Next we have Amber
Does anybody else noticed Amber's different colored lenses. She is going to start a trend :P haha
In my opinion, I think f(x) started the colored lenses trend with 'Electric Shock' and now everybody wears them in music videos. I love lenses :D

Amber wore the SEE Half-sleeved Shirt with Clear Chest Pockets from Stylenanda ,which you can buy here

Amber also wore the Love Sweat from Topshop
Buy it 'cause it's on sale HURRRRRYY :))
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Along with the Love sweater, Amber also wears the Royal Vs Shorts from Joyrich. (even if it's just an item there has to be some Joyrich in a K-pop MV)
Buy the shorts here

Believe it or not ,we still have some finds left....but this time is Maria's turn :D


The rest of the Rum Pum Pum Pum finds.
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