[Request] Onew really likes Trenta

Someone really likes Onew, and Onew really likes Trenta.
An anonymous reader requested SHINee Onew's sunglasses on quite a few dates, and while searching for them, I stumbled onto quite a few other items as well.

Here Onew is wearing Trenta XXX Camo CapLibra Black/Olive sunglasses (currently OOS), Trenta Mave clutch in Black, and the only non- Trenta find of this post, Lacoste L!ve Short Sleeve Aztec Graphic T-shirt in Quincy yellow (it's on sale for $30!).

 On a seperate occasion, Onew wore Trenta again. He's wearing Trenta Libra White sunglasses, available here. He is also carrying Stella Silver Clutch and the 30 Gray hat, from the same brand, purchasable here.
If the clutch looks familiar to you, it's because he's carried it everywhere, including to the 20's choice Blue Carpet, which we've done a commentary post on. 

Other Kpop artists seem to like this brand too.

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