Kpop Fashion Trend: Hand-Painted Jackets

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Previously, posted on the dominate trend of florals during the first half of 2013.
Here's a more niche trend that many idols embraced for their comebacks.
You can probably tell by the title that this trend is 'hand-painted jackets'. 

These jackets don't necessarily need to be painted upon. Some just give off that often 'hard leather' feel. They also give individuality to the wearer or association to their concept, group or song. The association of hand-painted jackets goes to leather or biker jackets. However, it is proven other types of jackets can work, such as denim jacket or vests, blazers, hoodies, bombers and even if willing to...le smoking jacket.

Without any more words, here's pictures of your favourites.

After School's First Love Promotions


He's holding a paintbrush...Need I say more?
So is Baro, so appropriate for this post

Side note: They also wore some on Ep. 329 of Infinite Challenge.

4minute's What's Your Name? and Is it Poppin?

T-ara N4

Big Bang

SNSD's Hyoyeon

SHINee's Why so Serious?

Note: Key's jacket is painted like his t-shirt. Also, the back says 'SHINEE'.

f(x)'s Luna

©raina studio

For amusement, Boyfriend's Kwangmin vs Hyoyeon

Most actual hand-painted jackets are very expensive.
Here's some cheap jackets you get to paint or draw on yourself.
Spending Money Picks 
(sort of)

When you make your own be sure to use a jacket you don't need.
For smaller things, use nail polish. This way you can remove it with nail polish remover.

Drama Recommendation: Nail Shop Paris, you know nail polish...paint

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Eliza, Lauren and Maria :D

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