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Kpop Fashion Challenge

Have you seen the day by day challenges on tumblr? Well, here's ours.

When: July 22-August 22
Why: The point of our challenge is to celebrate kpop fashion and to challenge ourselves to go outside our comfort zone and dress like our idols. 
How: You can send polyvore sets, pictures of yourself, or even edits of idols.

EDIT:  For those of you who can't wear/ don't feel comfortable wearing revealing clothing or caps, or for anyone who just wants a couple of alternative days, here they are:
Alt. Day 2: Leather/ Faux-Leather Day
Alt. Day 4: Got Chainz? Accessories Day

If you participate, please let us know: shoot us a message, comment, video response, or tweet (#kpopfashionchallenge)!
I'm looking forward to some great responses.  If we get enough, maybe we'll have a prize ^.^~ 
Also, do you want the writers to participate? Comment on this post.


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