Jewelry's Hot & Cold

Post dedicated to Katex Isa, a really lovely reader :P
'Cause you're hot then you're cold 
You're yes then you're no....'
Don't tell me that I was the only one who thought of this song when hearing the title song.
Jewelry recently made a comeback with their new song 'Hot&Cold'.
I wasn't really familiar with Jewelry but I have to admit that I like them. 

In the MV, Semi is wearing the Deki cut tiger print t-shirt from LAP.
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Along with the tiger t-shirt she wore the Solid Pattern skirt also from LAP.
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Semi is also wearing the Playboy Umpire 202 from Hatson
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Yewon is wearing the Sheer Boxy tee with colored sleeves from Stylenanda.
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I don't know why but I really like this tee

She is also wearing this lovely pink skirt from Spicy color.
Unfortunately I don't have a buylink...but if you live in Korea that won't be a problem since you can go to their store

Maybe we'll have more finds from this MV ,their jewelry is pretty interesting :D
Oh wait I have a good one....Jewelry's jewelry is pretty interesting... :)))))

Credits: Star Empire,LAP,Stylenanda,Spicy Color,Hatson

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