Hot or Not: 2013 20's Choice Blue Carpet Edition

 Special feature! Your favourites are dispersed throughout this rating in K-world Style's version of 'Best Dressed' and 'Worse Dressed' from Mnet's 20's Choice Awards blue carpet. We call this 'Hot or Not' for continuation purposes. Also this includes my commentary and feelings about their choices.

Note: This is purely my sole opinion, others may agree with me while some may disagree with me. It does not reflect every writer's thoughts here at K-world Style. I categorized this not by if they look good or not but also by their choices. Some may look incredible but their styling is dull.

The Hot
(best dressed)

Lee Hyori
With this dress can anyone deny Lee Hyori's presence?
She gives off a high class mixed with 'what are you looking at' style in her Roberto Cavailli dress and her signature 'Bad Girls' dark makeup. The dress looks better from the side than front.

Ryu Seung Ryong
Oh, the charisma. Not many people can wear blue to a blue carpet. What can I say, he looks good.

SHINee pulls off one of the hardest things to do. Their outfits are the perfect mix of matching but with individuality, something groups often have a hard time with. It helps there is only three of them but still, props to you and your stylists.

Kim Jung Min
Here's a hidden gem I didn't expect. She looks high class which is always a good thing. The champagne bronze tone of her dress compliments her skin and the carpet.

The So-So
(looks good but not amazing)

f(x)'s Luna
Luna does not look bad, in fact she looks amazing. It's just this Kwak Hyun Joo dress is so overworn, it's tiring. It's one of those dresses you throw on the last minute because you suddenly remembered you have to go to some fancy-ish event. 

They look nice? That pretty much sums it up...They look nice. However, the two white tux and the half leather pant thing in the mix of black just off balances their picture.

I'm not sure how I feel about them...They did it better than Girls Day since their outfits are not white. They do look good, therefore, lands in this category. They can go under 'Hot' but they played it safe. Not to pick favorites but Soyu looks amazing. 

JK Kim Dong Wook
Good job stylists, he looks great. He pulls off a white suit well. However, this is very basic. But, I may be asking for too much.

The Not
(worst dressed)

Hwang Jung Eum
This looks like a longer version of a typical Topshop dress with a mixture of a teenage girls' bedding or curtains. I'm serious, if you cut it shorter and put it on Topshop, it's going to fit right in...It can also fit in Asos.

Idols in white - Girls Day
here comes the bride...
I think this is just me. Whenever idols girls wear white dresses with excess amounts of organza, frills, puffiness and/or remotely resembling a wedding dress, I hate it. Even their shoes are dress appropriate for a wedding. It feels like they are trying to portray a feeling of innocence. Stop trying and please wow us with your possible fashion choices.

Ha Yeon Soo
Oh no, this is another one of those 'look I'm no innocent and fairy-like' me at least. Her puffiness and organza = 2 Girls Day members.

Yoo Seung Woo
This reminds me too much of an airport outfit. So much Givenchy is seen everyday, another just makes it tiring. Well, at least he didn't wear a Kenzo sweatshirt. I get you are young but that's no excuse, take example of Elle Fanning.

Miss A's Suzy
 I'm sorry Suzy. Your red Marchesa dress wasn't too bad. I think this one is a worse offender. There are so many good-looking black bow dresses. Why this one stylists? She lost her body shape and made her proportions look off.

The Rest
By now, I ran out of feels. I will sum up these in a few words. These are just other pictures from the blue carpet. You can be the judge of who dazzles and who fizzles.

                                        Hyoni Kang                                          Cha Ye Ryun
                             Hyoni with your body you can off anything                           last season
                                    pick something else next time please 

Good but not good enough

       Jung Ka Eun                                       CL and Lee Soo Hyuk
                                                                   awkward                                            Both looks good but Lee Soo Hyuk > CL

 Kim Seul Ki                                         Lee Bo Young
 Border-lining try hard                                             good but can be better
                                   Lee Juk and John Park                                     Lee Jin Wook
good                                                                               interesting
Show Me the The Money Cast
too much
Choi Jin Hyuk
white choclate

That's all. It's quite long huh...

Leave a comment below telling us who you thought was 'hot or not'. 
Feel free to disapprove my choices but do tell a reason.

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