Female President (2)

Hello, this is the second time we are covering Girls' Day's Female President.
The first time is here in the link.

Let's start off with the most controversial outfit, yeah! 
Yura's bodysuit/whatever you want to perceive it as.

Yura's piece is from Kye's S/S 2013 collection, faketokyo calls this tattoo graphic top (126$).

Here's Minah giving a wink kiss in Kye's S/S 2013 jacket dress with a Ming vase inspired textile.
The way Kye displays their outfits (right) is amazing.
 It's like an invisible perfectly-portioned and still person is perfectly wearing them.

The fluffy blue blanket coat is from Kye's F/W 2013 collection. The image on the right may look familiar as 4minute has worn the designs. 

Img cr: Kye, Dream Tea Entertainment

Maria :D

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