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~It's breaking news, it's breaking news, it's breaking news~
Is it just me or someone else find the word that Taemin says at 0:27 in their recent MV 'Breaking News' really funny...hope I'm not the only one  (if you wish to know what they wore in the MV click here and here)

Now on to our finds.
Today we have some recent SHINee airport finds, more exactly from July 26 .
SHINee's Key wore a cardigan from PushButton's FW 2013 collection.

Jonghyun wore the Green Shortsleeved tshirt from Nohant.
The sleeves are a big large that's why Jonghyun rolled them up.
The colour may seem a bit different but that's because of the different lightning
You can buy the t-shirt here

He also wore the Vogue 18k Gold Snapback from Karl Alley ,and you can buy it here
and the Chanel CH5208Q C6223C 58 Sunglasses(which he previously worn here) which you can buy here

~I've gathered some older random SHINee finds....should I post them ?~ 
Please reply with a simple 'Yes' ,if I should :D

Credits:SM,PushButton,Nohant,Karl Alley,Chanel,CooKey,My Dearest Minho,Spero Spera,woorishinee

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