Black Box

Brown Eyed Girls will finally have a comeback with their 5th album 'Black Box'
I'm really excited hope it will be awesome *fingers crossed*

In their teaser image, Narsha is wearing the Zigzag Colored Crop Top from Stylenanda which you can buy it here

Doesn't this top look familiar? Well Sohyun wore the same top in 4minute's 'What's your name?' MV (i think it's time for a who wore it better post :P ) you can check the post here
The top is from Steve J and Yoni P's F/W 2013 collection.
Ga-in's outfit is definetely from Push Button's SS 2013 collection but I can't tell if it's a top,shirt,romper or overall.Maybe they'll release more pictures so we can be certain

Let's remember the good old times...Brown Eyed Girls's 'Getleman'......upsi sorry I meant 'Abracadabra' :)))
The original will always be the best

Credits:Nega Network,Stylenanda,Steve J and Yoni P,PushButton
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