Shoe Envy

Tiffany of SNSD had a photoshoot with 1st Look magazine last month for their 45th volume. There, she was styled gorgeously in a laid back, Californian girl kind of way.
The chic styling is definitely something that I would bring to my wardrobe in the summer.

In all the photos, Tiffany had one thing in common, she's sporting shoes from Rachel Cox Limited Edition range.

The shoes are as seen, from top to bottom, left to right:

1. Rachel Cox Odette Sandal, buylink here
2. Rache Cox Open toe Lorelei, buylink here 
3. Rachel Cox Agnes Sandal, buylink here
4. Rachel Cox Charlotte Sandal, buylink here
5. Rachel Cox Open Toe Zelda, buylink here
6. Rachel Cox Open Toe Chloe, buylink here

7. Rachel Cox Grand Sandal, buylink here
8. Rachel Cox Alisee Sandal, buylink here

Which shoes caught your fancy? 

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