Request: SHINee Rebellion

 Here's a request from an anonymous reader, she wanted to know the shirt that SHINee's Onew was wearing during the All Smile Radio Show as well as a similar shirt that Minho wore during another fansign. 
I actually happened to chance upon then while looking for G-Dragon's socks for his Cosmopolitan shoot, go figure.

Onew is wearing the Leed's Anarchy Shirt from Seditionaries in Type A. You may purchase it here for 38,000 円

Similarly, Minho is wearing the same Leed's Anarchy Shirt, but in Type E. The designs itself are similar, but not identical. It is available here for 38,000 円

The Be Reasonable Shirt that Minho was wearing under his white blazer in the Why So Serous Music Video was also from the same brand. You may purchase it here.

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