Running Man Style: Ep 147

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Hello welcome to another Running Man Style post. This one is about episode 147, the Flower Boy Athletic Competition episode that featured the usual gang, Kim Soo Hyun and Lee Hyun Woo. This one made me laugh quite a bit, first in a while. Why? Because of the pressure mat race, so funny but painful. You can watch it here with subs. Oh, there was also a Monday Couple moment.

First off, the teams were divided into three teams, each with a flower boy. Green had Song Ji Hyo, Kim Soo Hyun for blue and Lee Hyun Woo for red.
For this episode their athletic gear was sponsored by New Balance. The top roughly is 80$ and bottoms are 60$. Both are sponsorships.

Before the guests entered, the permanent cast entered a cafe one-by-one.
On Mr. Kim Jong Kook, there was a pair of Kubo Raum Maske C2 Blue (400$), a Kelburn jacket and a NYbH t-shirt (20$), all sponsorships.

After the cast, the guests entered. Lee Hyun Woo wore Kenzo's speckled long sleeve shirt from S/S 2013 for 345$ here.

Next a lot of hats.

First of this section, Lee Hyun Woo. He wore an AAPE by BAPE New Era Cap (5,250 Yen) during the village race.

Lee Hyun Woo momentarily shared Haha's Iron Man 3 hat during Haha's turn in the pressure mat relay.
This hat was a New Era collaboration with Marvel for the release of Iron Man 3. The Korean kids versions has the words 'Iron Man' written on the back but the North American one does not. Purchase-able here.

Here's the flying diving board segment, one of my favourite games to watch.

An obvious hat, a Chrome Heart cap. Kim Soo Hyun also wore one later on the episode but in a different colour.

Also during that segment Ji Suk Jin wore this Brown Square Trucker Cap (50$), sponsorship by Hatson.

Another sponsorship from Hatson, Lee Gwang Soo's 'Military Cap' from Jill by Jill Stuart (43$).

Img Cr: sbs and respective companies

Maria :D

Last notes: 
Sponsorships, shoes also from New Balance and one of Ji Hyo's hat is by City Hunter.
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