Obvious Sponsoring: Hyoyeon for East Touch

SNSD's Hyoyeon posed for the June 2013 edition of East Touch, which is a Hong Kong magazine. Her section was sponsored by Topshop, a famous British fashion site. I was very pumped seeing this, because that means many of the pieces are actually affordable. 
So here's what the dancing queen wore:

Look 1:

(click for hi-res)
Top: Daisy Sequin Lace Crop Top

Look 2:

I couldn't find her beanie on the website, but I probably overlooked something, so if you want it, check out Topshop's hat section.
Her lovely jacket is the Quilt Detail Biker Jacket in white.

Look 3:

(click for hi-res)
For this look, I couldn't find any of the exact pieces. This may be because they aren't available in my country (the US), or it's not their season. I found the shoes, but only in black:

I think Hyoyeon looked super cute in all of these pictures. I wish idols wore 'normal' clothing more often!


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