MBLAQ's Style Evolution

The men of MBLAQ have gone through many different styles since their hot debut in 2009. Let's review their look over the years. Don't forget to comment to let us know what  your favorite MBLAQ Style Era is!

Style Eras

2009 - Oh Yeah

- fringe and feather
- sexy image
- discovering their look
- GO with facial hair
- Spanish language used in song

2010 - Y 

- Tron inspired
- techno beat
- fun glow in the dark
- Lee Joon naked in the shower!
- a lot more colorful than preview release
- song written and produced by Rain
- cohesive band look instead of individual styles

2011 - Blaq Style


- high fashion look
- flowly fabrics
- glitter eye makeup
- European look and vibe
- leather


- fur fur fur!
- Monochromatic look
- glitter eye makeup reappears

2012 - Mona Lisa

- Spanish inspired
- a laid back look we'd never seen before
- more accessories than usual
- chill vibe and song

2012 - This is War

- more fur and leather
- black everything!
- theatrical wardrobe and song
- included another cross cultural inspiration

2013 - Smoky Girl

- very grown and sexy
-  suits black tie
- Thunder with new colorful pink hair
- a blond Seungho
- white suits with glow in the dark paint (reminiscent of "Y" video)
- paint splotched suits
- the word smoky with no "e" (found out there's two ways to spell it)
- more of a club dance track than a "kpop" song

What's your favorite MBLAQ Style Era? How do you like "Smoky Girl?"
Let us know in the comments! Thanks for viewing!


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