Lovely Dresses

Two lovely ladies (Seo in Young and IU) both wear two lovely dresses. Not the same dress, this is no competition. Let's just relax and enjoy the fine details and beauty of both dresses.

First, we have Seo in Young during her Entertainment Relay interview. 
There, she discuses her dating life.

This lovely piece of work is from Free People, the Light Heart Dress. Too bad it isn't actually free, it's 148$.

I have been frequently visiting tumblr on my phone lately as it is quite useful for images. Recently a blog I follow posts these images of IU and I went like this O_O.
This is my ultimate dress. If I can only have one dress in my closet, this is it. Not even joking, this is it.

It is from the Chloe Sevigny x Opening Ceremony collaboration, an eyelet cut-out pinafore dress. IU wears this during the MBC Korean Music Wave in Bangkok during April of last year. 
Rather old dress, has no buy-links online.

Img cr: mbc, as tagged, kbs

Maria :D

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