Khiphop Special: BNF 2nd Anniversary

With BacknForth's 2nd anniversary on 130611, major k-hiphop stars gathered in celebration of rhyme, rhythm, and booze. I apologize in advanced, because I could only identify the people I knew.

This one is a bit of a throwback. Do you remember all the stars that wore this line of t-shirts? 
This man (is that Beenzino? ahh I'm not sure) wore the Kate Upton (orange) version of the Marc Jacobs' 'Protect the skin you're in' shirt. Buy it here.

Next, we have Crush, who wore a tee by Obey, and you can get it here.

Ugly Duck wore Huf's Dirtbag Crew Stoops Tee. Buy it here.

This guy wore Premier's 'Dopene$$' snapback and Crooks&Castle's Coca&Caviar Tee. Buy the cap here (warning: ebay link, so beware fakes) and the tee here.

This brings us to a 'Who wore it better'. Big Bang's G-Dragon (on SBS's 'Kpop Star') vs. the rapper in the picture (urg... I need to know his name, anyone?).

Do you guys like k-hiphop? Want more? Know the missing names?
Please tell us in the comments.


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