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[Im. Heavy] Featured Brand: Bratson from Chaos (2)

I'm back with more Bratson sightings. Are you ready? Let's go.

Big Bang GD &Taeyang: GD's World Tour
Both GD and Taeyang were spotted wearing Bratson during GD's concert in Shanghai. Afterward, GD and Taeyang posted some pictures to Instagram of them with the jackets on. The twist? They were riding motorbikes. How fitting for their clothing.

Black jacket: buy here // White jacket: buy here

Leessang's Gary: Running Man Ep. 139

Gary looked radiant next to Go Hara. He wore the Brat + Son Cap, which you can buy here.

2NE1's Dara & Producer Lydia Park: Sunwoo Jung-Ah's Twitter

Dara // Green/Yellow beanie: buy here
Lydia // Purple beanie: buy here

*Sigh* I think that's all of them, and, of course, there are a bunch of 'Who wore it better?'s, but I'm leaving it up to you to decide. Whose Bratson apparel do you like the best?


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