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[Im. Heavy] Featured Brand: Bratson from Chaos (1)

Korean brand, Bratson from Chaos is very popular among Kpop stars, especially for hip-hop artists. So let's take a look at some of the recent(ish) Bratson sightings.

D-Unit: Nylon Japan x Bratson
Ujin and Zin 
Top: buy here // Hat: buy here

From left-->right: Ram, Zin, Ram

Click here for the full spread.

Dynamic Duo

Gaeko (left) // Top:  buy here // Hat: buy here
Choiza (right) // Top: buy here

Rude System's Koonta: Bratson 2012 S/S 
(I know this one is a bit old, but it fit the theme, so why not?)

The 'F*ck the System' hat is very popular. You can buy it here.

This brings us to a 'Who wore it better?'. 
Koonta vs. SHINee's Key, who wore the hat on his way back from Taiwan 120610.

What is your favorite Bratson sighting? There's more to come...


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