Hot or Not: May Magazine edition

We haven't done this in a long time, I'm so glad to bring it back with Lauren. This time we're bringing you different opinions from different Korean magazine from May.

1. Lee Hyori for Vogue May 2013.

KD: Personally I think this shoot is fun and quirky, showing 
a different side of Korea's Beyonce, Lee Hyori. From what I know, this shoot was inspired by "The Great Gatsby". It brings back the 20's with a modern touch by adding and accessorizing her with playful jewellery pieces. Great way to spice up the past!

Lauren: Honestly, Lee Hyori is sexy no matter what she's wearing. She is definitely a good person to play the flapper, and I think this shoot does a really nice job balancing a fun, avant-garde style with risqué sex-appeal. I adore heels and shimmering dresses, so I, of course, was in love. The shoot also has some very visually dynamic black and white shoots, which adds to the vintage style. All in all, a good round for Vogue.

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2.  So Ga-In  for Harper's Bazaar May 2013   

KD: I think this look made Ga-In look younger. I personally love 
shoots like this in particular because it make the idols look cuter, and it really shows off their fun and flirty side. They used a lot of floral print in this shoot, really making spring more exciting and colorful. When I think of spring, I think of pastels and colors, 
so this shoot really stood out to me the most.

Lauren: Ga-In looks great, but I'm not a huge fan of the basic  pastel-decked idols on a plain background.  Her light skin blends into the white background, so I guess, A+ for emphasizing her pallor? I do appreciate a good floral though. This shoot was  typical, nice, and high-fashion; it just didn't "wow" me. My favorite shot was the blue outfit.

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3. Park Han Byul for W Magazine May 2013

KD: I don't know about this look. Too many things
are going on, and her shorts blend in with the background. Plus, they're using too many prints and textures. I love the hair and make-up in this look, but it doesn't really pull the outfit together. Better luck next time,W!

Lauren: Park Han Byul definitely is sexy, but I really don't like this shoot. Her poses are awkward, and the various wooden chairs do not help matters. Even standing up, she looks like she is about to topple over; I think there is not a single picture in which both her feet are solidly on the ground. The styling is fine, albeit a bit lacking in accessories. The highlight is the various heels Park Han Byul wears. If you want to see beautiful Park Han Byul, I would just screen shot her drama, Couple Breaking.

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Which was your favorite shoot from May?
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