Get the Look: RaNia & Bikini Season

(sorry guys, this one is for the ladies)

By now, I think we've all seen RaNia's bikini pictures for their Woongjin Play City CF. And I'm sure man of us (myself included) were quite envious of their fabulous bodies. While I can't magically give you great '11' abs or perfect skin, hair, legs, etc., with a bathing suit that flatter's your body, feeling sexy is almost 100% guaranteed. So let's take a look at some suits that are guaranteed to make you feel fresh.

Note: All bathing suits listed are solid colors in either pink, blue, yellow, orange or purple because those are the colors RaNia wears in the pictures. Also, I know that I for one can not fit into Asian one-size fits all clothing, so I tried to use more international sites.

For the sexy type:

1. Busty (large chest, small bottom)
From Macy's
This suit is perfect for the chesty ladies. Its thick band helps support the bust, while its more obtuse 'v' draws attention to the chest without showing too much. The ties on the hips adds dimension to the lower half. For underwire suits (which busty ladies should get), I love the styles of Victoria's Secret.
2. Athletic (wider shoulders, muscly, petite chest)
From Forever21
This creamcicle bikini is perfect for adding a little sexy to your day. Its triangle top adds a little dimension to the bust area, and it's low-rise bottoms show off killer abs.
3. Petite (small all-over)
From Forever21
This bright monokini helps create curves with its cutout. It's high-rise bottom and one-shouldered strap make it ideal for the petite girl because it helps show skin and elongates the leg.
4. Pear (larger hips than shoulders)
From Forever21
This cute bathing suit is perfect for pear-shaped girls. The knots and padding help fill out the bust area, while the minimalist bottoms force the eye upwards. A bandeau style top is perfect for small-chested girls, and the spaces will draw the eye to your cleavage, not to your thighs.

5. Tummy + Bum (got a little umph in your trunk)
Swimwear - Bathing Beauty Two Piece in Magenta
From Modcloth
Suits that have more coverage on the midsection help to slim and shape. This suit is a little retro (which is in!). The cute bow top will draw attention up rather than on your bum.
6. Hourglass (top and bottom are even)
From Karmaloop
OK, I know this isn't a typical hourglass suit, but I think the horizontal cutouts will emphasis your 'S line'. The neon will set off any level of summer-tanned skin (unless you're translucent like I am).
For the cute type:

1. Busty (large chest, small bottom)
From Delia*s
This retro suit has underwire, which can support the busty ladies out there. It's ruched bottom creates a more even, hourglass body, and its strap is a sturdier alternative to a traditional bandeau.
2. Athletic (wider shoulders, muscly, petite chest)
From Karmaloop
The ruffles on this suit create a fuller bust, while the light blue color and bow give it a girly twist. Removal padding is also always a plus.
3. Petite (small all-over)
From Misguided
The tassels give the illusion of a larger bust, while the yellow is a softer colour, adding to the cuteness. The string bottoms help elongate the leg.
4. Pear (larger hips than shoulders)
From Alloy
The ruffles on top draw attention to the bust, and the suit's v-neck emphasizes the waist, creating an hourglass illusion.
5. Tummy + Bum (got a little umph in your trunk)
Swimwear - Bathing Beauty One Piece in Teal - Plus Size
From Modcloth
Here is a one-piece done right. The halter top supports while bringing to mind a very Marilyn Monroe feel. The light blue can be sexy or cute, and it looks great on many different skin tones.
6. Hourglass (top and bottom are even)
From Macy's
This pink suit is very flirtatious. The top supports and has dimension with some string detailing, while the bottoms are a bit sturdier. Together, they emphasize an hourglass figure in a way that isn't overly sexual.

Do you like these suits? Want any more recommendations (maybe for patterned suits)? 
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