Do you want some tea?

Do you want some tea?
Hello Venus recently had their comeback with their new mini-album ''Would you stay for tea'?'
Now for some finds from Hello Venus.
First let's start with Hello Venus's leader, Yoo Ara.She wore the C132MSE101 dress from CC Collect and you can buy it here
This dress is SOOO PRETTY
I really like Hello Venus's fashion...they always wear cute dresses.

Lime wore the C132MSC076 t-shirt also from CC collect
Buy it here

Now for another CC collect find.
Yooyoung wore the C132MSE049 dress
Buy it here

We have another find from Yooyoung and it's the T132MSE052 dress from Thyren
Buy it here

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Credits:Pledis,CC collect,Thyren

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