DIY Charm Bracelet

Hey guys, 
Sorry that I have been absent these couple of days (I've finally recovered my PC). Did you miss me? :P
To make it up for my absence, I've made this DIY Charm Bracelet Tutorial. I hope you like it
(sorry for the low quality pictures )

What you'll need:
-Suede leather cord
-2 ribbon clamps
-jump rings
-1 clasp
optional item: glue

1. Cut 4 equal pieces at about 55-60 cm.
2. Add a ribbon clamp at one end (It would be easier if you add a little bit of glue before adding the clamp). Then, add a little bit of duct tape at the end so it will be easier to braid the bracelet.

I've named the strands: strand number 1, strand number 2, strand number 3, and strand number 4:

Do you know how to make a fish tail braid on your hair? If yes, that's awesome, because this is almost the exact same braid.
4. Start with strand number 4 and cross it over strand number 3:

4. Now, take the strand number 1 and cross it over strand number 2 and strand number 4:

Now we are basically doing the same thing again, but let me show you again once more...
5. Cross strand number 3 over strand number 1:

6. Cross strand number 2 over the strands 3 and 4

7. Keep doing the steps until you've braided the whole bracelet

8. And a ribbon clamp at the end and a clasp

This is how the end result should look like. You can wear it simple like this, but I prefer it with charms.

6. Add the charm and you're done.You have your own charm bracelet.

I always like to make charm bracelets as gifts for my friends. So, If you have no idea for a gift then you should try this.
Does the bunny charm remind you of something?....B.A.P.'s matoki :D.

I really hope you liked the DIY! Please let me know what you think in the comments below~

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