Countryside Diary (10)

In the last T-ara N4 Countryside Diary Maria said and I quote ''Don't think there's any more Jeon Won Diary finds', but we were wrong :P
'Wae,wae,wae,wae,wae' (this sentence is stuck in my head) :P
Now for more finds from T-ara N4's Jeon Won Diary(the drama version)
You can check the other finds from the MV herehereherehereherehereherehereherehere phew

In this scene Areum wore the 'Flower Wool Shirt' from Dolly&Molly and you can buy it here

Here Areum wore the Floral Shirt with Denim Look Collar and Cuffs from 2fb
You can buy it here

Hyomin also wore a shirt from 2fb but unfortunately it's sold out :( what a shame

Credits:Core contents media,2fb,Dolly&Molly
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