Breaking News (1)

It seems that SHINee is forever busy.
They will be releasing a new Japanese album titled 'Boys Meet U'.
They released their short PV 'Breaking News' on the 20th.

Minho is wearing the Parrot Print Cokkared Shirt from Marni and you can you it here

Minho: 'YO check out my new shirt' :))

Onew is wearing the Embroided Logo Cap from the collaboration Jeremy Scott x New Era
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LOOK OVER YOUR SHOULDER (in case you where trying to read the writing)...thank you for the advice Onew :D
Here comes a really interesting name for a t-shirt....Onew is wearing the A12MO03153B t-shirt from Greyhound (a thai brand)
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 Along with the Greyhound t-shirt, Onew is wearing the Cash Flow F2 jacket from Joyrich and you can buy it here

~Part 2 coming up so stay tuned~

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