YooHoo (3): Appr. Find & DIY

We're back with some more Secret style for you all.

First up, Hyosung.

She wore the  Lace Insert Denim Shirt from Spoiled Brat. 
Here's a buy link, but unfortunately, it's out of stock.

Up next is an approximate find. 

These shorts sell from some Asian wholesale places, so I don't actually have a brand. However, I here are two buy links for you all: tracyscent ($22) and uniqueheros ($35)

DIY: Comme de Garcon nails

In the video, Zinger donned red nails inspired by Comme de Garcon Play (see picture at right).

I found this cool DIY from The Beauty Department to get nails just like hers. Click the picture for instructions.

Are you going to try these cool nails? I may.
Leave us a comment if you want more fusion posts like this in the future.


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