What's happening? (2)

We have more finds from B1A4's new MV
So let's get started.

Gongchan wears the Madonna Prnt Jersey Oversized T-shirt from Givenchy and you can buy it here

The top that CNU wears the Sleeveless Graphic Top from Kathleen Kye.

We can't have a B1A4 MV wothout some Joyrich,right?
CNU wore Bruched Track Shirt and the Brished Track Short from Joyrich.
Buy the shirt here and the shorts here

Who also wore the shirt?
Well, SHINee's Onew(you can see the post here

Who wore it better?

CNU or Onew?


Credits:WM entertainment,Givenchy,Joyrich,Kathleen Kye
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