Lee Hyori's Bad Girls (2)

This jacket is necessary to put dynamite into an old pervert's jacket.
That is one of the things Lee Hyori does in her new music video, Bad Girls.

The jacket she wears in the MV is by Kye, a Korean brand. Opening Ceremony lists this with Transparent Biker Jacket and 530$ here.

Some stuff.
At first I thought she was wearing the Unif Vapor Moto but it is slightly different.
Unif                                                            Kye

As you can see they are both very similar with the design. Both have similar zippers and buttons in the same place. The only different is that Kye has a belt and Unif's doesn't.

However usually Unif's jacket has this style. Just the transparent one doesn't.

This confused me very much.
Do you think one copied another?
Leave a comment if you read this far. :P

Img cr: my screencaps from leonent, unif, opening ceremony

Maria :D

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