Get the Look: T-ara N4's 'Jeon Won Diary'

Have you enjoyed T-ara N4's new song? Well, I know we at K-world Style have loved all the crazy fashion in 'Jeon Won Diary'. Unfortunately, the prices of kpop clothing are quite steep  So we decided to create a 'Get the Look' for T-ara. With the exception of one jean jacket, everything is under $35.

Let's start with Hyomin.
Get the Look: T-ara's 'Jeon Won Diary' Hyomin

Her look was sexy and fun. I swapped out a the yin-yang pattern for polka dots, and found a silver hoodie. you could honestly substitute any pattern for the top and shorts, just as long as the match. And of course, you could choose a different hoodie, just stick with the metallic theme to match what she's wearing.

I think she had some neat accessories, so I've included a two-fingered lip ring similar to the one on her right hand. Using wire, you could make her horns (they would be cute for Halloween or a costume).
Finish the look off with some neat temporary tattoos, like the one on her collar bone. I picked a pretty vintage poppy tattoo.

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Forever 21

Red ring

vintage poppies temporary tattoo by pepperink on Etsy


Continuing with Jiyeon...

Get the Look: T-ara N4's 'Jeon Won Diary' Areum

Her look is very centered on being cool. It's full of black and gold (with the exception of her sneakers). I decided to follow the chain theme, which is why her hat has chains. If you wanted to, you could make a DIY project out of the rope hat she wears. 

Her solid pieces are a black sports bra, leggings, and see-through tank top. All of which I have included, but honestly anything similar would work. Or, if you don't want to show your stomach, just substitute it with a solid black tank.

This look is dependent on her accessories. For bracelets, she mixes chains with solids. The ones I pictured each have a main charm (a lion and a cross). Also, I've included a set of bracelets that include a spiky one and some solid bangles. Finish the look off with a nice statement necklace and high-tops (not included).

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American apparel tank top


Aldo bracelet

Chain bracelet

Yellow gold jewelry

Forever 21

Black hat

Next up is Ahreum.

Get the Look: T-ara N4's 'Jeon Won Diary' Jiyeon

Jiyeon's look is very fiery; it's all about bronzes and reds. As such, I picked an Orange County Chopper tee with flames. For her shorts, I couldn't find any that were both sequined and had tassels, and thus I have given both as options. I prefer the black leather shorts.

The big things about this look are the accessories. She wears a fierce necklace, which I could not replicate. Instead, I suggest wearing multiple circle necklaces, or something like this ombre necklace (DIY). Finish the look with cool rings.

Black shorts

Monsoon filigree jewelry

Orange County Choppers T Shirt Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Black Cotton...


Lastly we have Eunjung.

Get the Look: T-ara N4's 'Jeon Won Diary' Eunjung

She went for a more hip-hop look. the most notable things in my opinion are the jacket, the leg harnesses, and the dino necklace. I found a relatively similar jacket (which is $61), and dinosaurs necklaces easy enough, but the harness was a little trickier.

In my mind, I would buy black leg garters and attach them to a pair of light-wash high waisted shorts to achieve the effect that the pair from Bitching&Junkfood have. However, I couldn't really find anything that would work. So, I picked two harness that I liked. Alternatively, you could buy a zip-line leg harness and attached it to shorts, but that's not very cute or comfortable.

Finish the look with a golden costume necklace, electric earrings, and sassy nails.

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Chunky necklace

Stegosaurus Necklace Dinosaur Necklace

Whose outfit was your favorite? Do you want more 'Get the Look's in the future? 
Tell us in the comments below.


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