Get the Look: Kdrama Inspiration from the Past

There are many popular Korean dramas that are set in the way past (e.g. 'Faith', 'Arang and the Magistrate', 'The Great Seer', 'Sungkyunkwan Scandal', etc.). I really enjoy seeing this historical fashion while watching these shows. Instead of forcing you all to read about the history of Korean fashion, I decided it would be nice to draw inspiration from these in a Get the Look.

'Faith' (The Great Doctor)
Get the Look: 'Faith' Kdrama

What struck me about Kim Hee Sun's costume is obviously the colors. To recreate this look, go for the blue-violent color, and don't shy away from floral print. The flower band she has was the inspiration for the accessories  which, with such a busy dress, should be limited. Lee Minho's look is much more solid. I found faux-leather leggings and a peplum top that reflect the flowing, multi-textured outfit he wears. And of course, drawing from his bands, wear a cheetah belt as your 'pop' item.
Everything in this look is under $50, expect for the dress, which is $70.

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2) 'Arang and the Magistrate'
Get the Look: 'Arang and the Magistrate' kdrama
Lee Joon Gi's character focuses on darker colors, with a peacock feather. I took that idea and ran. Pair a flowy burgundy blouse with a black vest. I would wear both with black jeans, and of course peacock-themed accessories. It's a classic combination (well, kind of...). Shin Min Ah rocks the color blocking look. With so many colors, stay solid; don't try too many patterns. I want a more structured top to parallel the structure of a hanbok, but it's an individual thing. My fun item is the dragon ring, which matches the belt.
Everything in this set is under $40, except for the vest, which is $49.
$26 -
Get the Look: The Great Seer
What really strikes me about the pictures I found is the contrast between the magistrates and the warrior. I loved the rich colors worn by both the man and the woman in the first picture. So their colors are gold, jade, teal, and red. In the second picture, the fierceness of the man's posture stood out to me. His themes are fur, deep magenta, and animals (i.e. leather and the graphic tank top). 
Everything listed is under $30.

The feeling of Sungkyunkwan is a lot more fun. To match Song Joon Gi, I found a lovely dress and cardigan, which show his eccentric fashion choices. For the group shot, I thought being more traditional was better. Thus, I've included a (more) structured blouse, pants, and flats. Also, to compliment the traditional tie in the picture, I've included a coat which cinches at the waist.
Everything in this set is under $100.

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Wow. Thanks for reading this all! Which outfit is your favorite?
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