DIY Angel Wing Earring

How amazing is Dongwoo's Angel wing earring?
I immediately fell in love when I first saw it.
Since I love it so much I decided to make one myself.
(I've been meaning to make this DIY for a long time but I wasn't sure if you guys will like it)
I'm going to show you 2 types of earrings :D
So let's get started

What you'll need:
-Wing charms (I have 2 types)
-Superglue (I used Loctite)
-Earring clip (I think that's how it's called)
-Earring base

This is how the clips and the earring bases look like :D

Here is one of the charms that I'll be using

An here we have both of the charms that I'll be using (notice: I removed the loop from one of the charms and that's what you'll have to do)
I removed the loop(i think that's how it's called?) quite easily :D

Now on to the next step 
These are all the things that you'll need

I choosed to glue the earring base to the smaller charm and the earring clip to the bigger charm.
Glue them together and you're done.

Now you have your own Angel Wing earring
Hope you guys liked the DIY tutorial,I've tried my best
Got any ideas for a DIY? then...... leave a comment below :D


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