Countryside Diary (6)

Yay, more Countryside Diary or Life. Can anyone tell me if it is Diary or Life? I'm don't know which one to call it.
Anyway, leading off is Areum then, we have some shoes!

This is one of the concept images and a teaser image. Here, Areum wears Topshop's Lace Panel Chiffon Crop Top. It is available here for 22 Pounds.

These are worn during their conference and also in some scenes of the music video. Everything in the video is mashed-up so I can't tell you the exact scenes.
Here's Jiyeon and Eunjung wearing two different pairs of FUBU sneakers. These are only available in Korea, I believe. They are 103600 Won for the gold pair and the same price for the white ones.

Image credits: ccm, fashionpia

Maria :D

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