4minute's Sohyun

More 4minute finds ...yey ....hope you don't mind
On May 18 ,4minute held their Incheon fansign
Sohyun wore the Cake Oversized t-shirt from Peace,Love and Understanding and you can buy it here

Now for another t-shirt that she wore at another fansign,to be more specific the Yeouido Fansign Event.
Sohyun wore this hand-made 'Red Diva' t-shirt from Thailor. (THANK YOU Armynony for your tip)

Now for another Sohyun find 
Sohyun wore the Pattern-Blocked-Pullover-with-Colored-Trims from Stylenanda for 4minute's Mcountdown performance.


Credits:Cube,Stylenanda,Peace,Love and Understanding
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