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4minute Saturday Night Live

On April 27, 4minute made an appereance on 'Saturday Night Live Korea'
The outfits worn in the promotional poster are from Kathleen Kye's FW 2013 collection.

Jiyoon wore the Hartford T-shirt T8 lip rare (according to google translate) from Dolly&Molly, and you can buy it here.

Hyuna wore this military jacket from Stylenanda, and you can buy it here.

This find is a bonus finds since is not from Saturday Night Live it's from Guerilla Date...but a find is a find...right guys ? :D
Gayoon wore the Color Paisley Jacket from Dolly&Molly, and you can buy it here.


Cr: CUBE,SNL,Kathleen Kye,Dolly&Molly,Stylenanda
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