SHINee's Style Evolution

It's hard to believe SHINee has been out for five years already. Throughout those years, the boys' style has gone from boys next door to manly-men, with everything in-between. Let's take a look back at the ever-changing style evolution of SHINee. 
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Replay 2008

- Debut time, so still trying to find their look
- Baggy pants/hip hop theme
- normal hair colors
- playing off the interests of noona fans
- lots of pastels

Ring Ding Dong 2009

- The beginning of their hair evolution (specifically Jonghyun)
- Very Vampire inspired look
- Feathers, feathers, and more feathers
- Clothes seemed to be fit for costumes for a movie
- Thankfully Minho never had that hairstyle again

Lucifer 2010

- Manlier image
- BUT... pastel pants on stage?!
- Onew and Taemin pre-locks of love
- Key's half-shaved monstrosity
- A peak at TaeMAN
- Jonghyun's backless knee length vest might have inspired Junsu's backless "Ayy Girl" apron?
- Unfortunately have never went back this this sleek, dark look
- Onew had a hairy turtle shell jacket before GDragon did in "Bad Boy!"

Hello 2010

- Total 360 from the previous single
-  Boy-next-door image
- Onew-seriously-needs-a-haircut
- Key's red pajamas were a big no-no
-  Minho's short haircut showed off his facial features well

Sherlock/Dream Girl 2012- 2013

- Now know what style fits them best
- Introduced to shaggy hair, 70's hippy Taemin (OMG)
- Reference to MJ with white arm band on Taemin and Minho's jackets
- Various denim trends used

- Key's blonde hair allows him to stand out more
- Implements a playful style that's not too kiddie
- Add the SHINee flair to regular everyday suits
- Similar to Sherlock look but more colorful
- Finally seem comfortable with each of their individual styles

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--- April

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