SHINee(mostly Taemin) cap collection

Today we have some awesome caps for you guys :D
Let's start with the first one shall we.
Here Taemin is wearing the Colorful-Tropical-Cap from Stylenanda.
This photo was taken at one of their comeback performances
Buy the cap here

The next cap is the Dynasty Leather Cap from Nastypalm that Taemin wore at the Korean Music Wave in Bangkok .
Buy it here

Next we have this.....wizard hat? I think :P ...
Taemin wore the Cone Hat from Stylenanda at Lie Sang Bong's fashion show.
Buy it here

Here Taemin is wearing the Vntg Ball Cap from Monkids and you can buy it here

Now enought with Taemin's hats, we also have a Jonghyun cap find.
Jonghyun is wearing the Playboy umpire 703 cap from Hatson.
Buy it here


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