Quick DIY: Shoelace Bracelet

 手工DIY 嘀咕图片

As I was pinterest-ing, I found this great tutorial (in Chinese) for a cute shoelace bracelet, and of course I had to try it. Except, I changed a couple things.

Step 1: Get your shoelace and wrap the aglet-end of the lace in front to make the shape of the disease-awareness ribbons.

Step 2: Make a loop in your right hand and pull it through the first loop you made in step one.

Step 3: (not pictured) Adjust the size of the loop you just made by holding the base of the not and pulling on the long strand of shoelace (should be on the right).

Step 4: Repeat

Step 5: Now here's where I diverged a lot. I didn't have any fancy clasps, and I wanted to be able to reuse my shoelace. So, I left a small loop at the end. Then, I wrapped my ending aglet around the place where the final loop starts. I tucked that into the bracelet.

Step 6: So at this point, you should have one flat shoelace end and one loop end. With the flat end, you are going to make a big knot with the first part of your bracelet. Just knot it as you normally would. This is going to allow you to close your bracelet; the knot will stop the loop and this create a circle for your bracelet.

This very scientific figure is what your closure should look like:

Total Time: 7min

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