News: Song Hye Kyo Stylists' Secrets

Song Hye Kyo's styling in her drama, That Winter the Wind Blows has sparked interest in her styling due to her role as a young heiress. After it was broadcasted, people talked at the same time that because of the dramatic scenes, her lipstick and emotional depiction were hot topics. Now many people are talking about her Pearl earrings. 

 Song Hye Kyo's beauty stylist, who is responsible for styling secrets, focuses on modern pieces that don't distract from the emotion of the scene so that the audience can focus on the details of both Song Hye Kyo's acting and her styling.  Even in her private collection, Song Hye Kyo wear a lot of clothes that are pretty and go well together, you can tell by just looking at them in the closet.

Song Hye Kyo's pearl earrings catch everyone's attention

In the drama, Song Hye Kyo's wears "modern pearl earrings", which have become the talk of the town. 

Her stylists says, "pearl serves casually if we want it to", and it adds to Song Hye Kyo's attractiveness. Other pieces that garnered an explosive reaction from the Korean public were her white coat and her Hermes scarf.  Regarding the scarf, her stylist said "a scarf gives a nurturing feeling when placed on the neck, and it seems to be a good way to look glamorous. A sensible bag tie is also a good idea". She recommends "as much scarf detailing as possible and a modern design" to help enhance any outfit.  

So it seems like the key to becoming glamorous like Song Hye Kyo is nice lipstick, attractive pearl earrings, a detailed scarf, and a simple bag.

How do you like her styling? 
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source:, xsportnews
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