Infinite's bringing PREPPY back!

Hello, how's your spring time going? It's getting really hot here where I live. Today I want to talk about
Infinite and their shoot in High Cut.

In the spread, I was able to take a few looks at the pictures. I love how the stylist are bringing back some classic pieces, and by classic I mean Polos, Chinos, and Bowties.  Although each picture was so focus on one brand in particular, which sometime can get very annoying (just seeing the stylist making all these adorable boys all dressing from the same designer), am I right? So I was able to find some stuff from Ralph Lauren (Polo) that were use in the shoot. Sorry in advance, because this post might be a little bit short, but I promise to comeback with a better one soon, keep your eyes out for something new coming to Kworldstyle. Enough yapping, let's move on to the finds. 

Starting off with picture below, Hoya, Sunggyu and L are wearing a costume made pieces from Ralph Lauren Big Pony collection. Don't worry, you can also customize your very own polo shirt here for a price of $125. As for the other four boys, they were wearing a regular polo t-shirt (Classic Fit Interlock Polo) with a blue/purple pony logo on the front, which you can get here for $75.

Here are some picture of the shirts that they are wearing.
The Pink polo I chose to create is identical to Sunggyu 's.

 For the bottoms, they were all wearing chinos or pants that are also from Ralph Lauren. 
You can get them here for $89.50.

That's all for now, until the next post!

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