Hot or Not, MV Breakdown: Hip-Hop Rookies Part 1

We're breaking down some of our favorite styles from some of our favorite Hip-Hop Rookies
This time, we have EvoL's "Get Up".

This song was sexy and fun, and it had a little R&B fusion. To fit the sharp beat and Bollywood-inspired riffs, EvoL chose a cool Hip-Hop/Classy Girl fusion for their style. Let's take a look at the good, the bad, and the ugly of their outfits.


OK, don't judge me, but I really like hot pants. I lked the simplicity of the red and black; EvoL didn't try to be to busy like some other groups (cough SM and YG, looking at you). I also liked that each girl had a little bit of variety to fit their personalities. I normally don't like knee-highs, but I think they looked fine. The leather also looked nice, but I'm reminded of bowling when I see their shoes.
Yull's hair combined with the dress and the heels looked amazing! I love her sassy makeup and good, simple accessories; her bandanna tied the look into the rest of the music video, and I appreciate their continuity.

Hayana is very cute in this music video. Was her styling my favorite? No. But it wasn't my least favorite. Again, props to the continuity of the red. The best thing about her look is her accessories. I like that all the girls had metal accessories  they really fit the cold backgrounds of the video.

Middle of the pack:

Jucy looked nice, what little of her I saw. I liked her black and white tribal top and her spiky suspenders. I'd have liked to see her hair either match the chair or compliment the red, because right now, it just clashes. I hope to see her in more creative clothing in the future.

Say's "sexy" outfit looked nice and showed off her "11" abs, but I wanted more. It was too "Run Devil Run" or Go Hara to be amazing. But it did look nice, and she obviously can wear anything. I especially liked the spikes on her leggings, though they may cause issues sitting down.


While Say's one-piece work suit fit the theme of the video, her outfit left much to be desired. First, I don't care how Hip-Hop you are, playboy bunny paraphernalia annoys me. I don't think some of the idols actually understand the implications behind it. I also get confused when looking at her hat. The beret is very painter, not so much Hip-Hop mogul. She has her hair going for her though.
J-Da is very cool, but her styling was too "Jeremy Scott" for my taste. I think her hair blended too much with her jacket, and her hat must be heavy! That being said, it does fit the average Kpop "Hip-Hop" clothing. Maybe that's my issue with it. EvoL is such a cool group that I want their style to be as unique as they are. But...unique NOT weird.
Whose outfit is your favorite? What would you like to see in the future? 
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source: Tumblr, 24-7 kpop
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