Homeboy Kai at the Airport

So Koko gives us a tip and sends me on a wild chase. I cannot find her tip about some of Kai's airport clothes but I did find something regarding EXO-K's Kai. 

Everything is black. I think...No full body image so if you have a better picture please leave a comment. 

Let's start from the top. 
Homeboy has on that VAGX's Madhatter snap back from The Little Black Market collection. It is purchasable here for 47 000 Won. Going down, Kai has some headphones and Pharrell Williams on his sweatshirt. This one is by Hype Means Nothing and available here for 93$. The last thing in the picture are the Christopher Shannon Ying Yang Patch Short. The link to buy is here for 415$.

Yay, full outfit! Sort of from the picture that is.

Credits: as tagged, opening ceremony, hype means nothing, depth

Maria :D
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