G.I. Janes

Wow~ so many explosive girl groups are debuting. Let's take a look at Global Icon (GI)'s hip-hop style.

Up first is an obvious find worn by One Ket (? sorry if this is wrong, I don't know the group well) in their shoot with StarIn Magazine.  

She wore a sweatshirt by JSLV. Buy it here.

The next finds are both for Aram, who apparently has glowing green teeth. Eek. 
I do like her Marilyn Monroe piercing. What do you all think?

In the MV for 'Beatles', she wore the Kendrick Studded Snapback With Safety Pin Detail In Black, which is surprisingly cheap. Get it here for $21.

In her profile picture (not the Facebook kind), Aram wore a cute muscle tank, which was originally from Zara. Alas, it's no longer on their site. And the only other link I have is also sold out :(. 

What do you think about their style? 
They're accessories are crazy, but I really like some of the pieces they wore. I'm not a huge fan of dressed-up sweatshirts, but maybe they'll mature in time. They also need to stop stealing EXO's shiny harem pants. It's not a good look on anyone.

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