G-Dragon loves COUTURE

Hello lovely readers, as I went through the request page I came upon a request for G-Dragon's accessories that he wore at the 2012 MAMA Awards. Let's begin:

Starting off with his hat. It's from Stampd LA thanks to our lovely reader for the correction. Well, you can get a similar style here for $52.

As for the sunglasses, he's wearing Versace eyewear. This piece had also been updated, but it's very similar in style and shape except the ones that GD wore had solely a Medusa head, while the updated version have the full medallion and the Medusa head . You can get them here for $230.

Last but not least, he was also wearing a Chanel Pre-Fall 2012 necklace from the Paris/ Bombay collection. Sorry guys, unfortunately this necklace no longer in store.

Thanks for the request, See you soon!


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